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Projects > Fort Valley State University: Peabody Trade Building

Owner Fort Valley State University
Architect Allain & Associates
Category Higher Education
Build Method General Contracting

Piedmont Construction Group constructed the 18,000 SF renovations to the Peabody Building on the Ft. Valley Campus, a historically designated structure built by the original student population.  While originally selected as a general contractor, Piedmont Construction Group’s role changed dramatically upon the discovery of a termite infested structure. Piedmont Construction Group’s role shifted to a design-build format as a matter of practicality since we were required to investigate and repair the entire structure with both the Owner and Architect. Peabody was originally constructed by the school’s faculty and students using salvaged and scrap building materials. The original construction presented challenges to Piedmont Construction Group as we updated a badly damaged structure while trying to preserve the rough nature of the original construction. Piedmont Construction Company achieved this balance by creatively replicating the original structure in such a way as to meet current building codes.